Meet the Able Anglers

Recreational fishing is so much fun, relaxing and enjoyable. Enjoyed by thousands of people, it is a great way to meet friends and likeminded able-bodied individuals. But spare a thought for those who are socially isolated or have mental health issues that preclude them from enjoying the sport.

Enter Able Anglers, a fishing respite service to people living with a disability or mental illness.

We met Jade, who suffers from spina bifida. For 3 years she was unable to fish until she met Steve and the team.

“It gave me a way to fish again. It was just a great feeling just to be able to throw that rod back in the water.”

More than just fishing, Able Anglers help people to achieve their life goals and provide experiences that normally might not happen- Jade had always dreamed of riding a jetski and Able Anglers made it a possibility.

“Achieving goals with Able Anglers is quite easy to do when they make it happen for you – always want to jet ski because I used to ride bikes. And I actually cried from happiness because I never thought it was possible because who was going to let someone in a wheelchair go on a jet ski.”