Meet Trip In A Van

Have you ever dreamt of giving up that 9-5 job you’re stuck in, to hit the road and not look back? Well, there’s one family out there who did just that, and it has now become their livelihood!

Bec, Justin, Charli, Jack and Billy Lorrimer decided to take the plunge back in 2015. Justin was working hard hours, missing his kids. Bec was stuck at home looking after her clan. Surely it gets better than this they thought.

So they sold the house, bought a caravan, kitted out Justin’s BT-50, and left for a big lap around Australia, under the pseudonym, Trip in a Van.

Since then, it has been non-stop travel for the family, ticking off a load of iconic Aussie locations. From the beautiful beaches of the west coast, to Far North Queensland’s iconic rainforest, and even the beautiful reds, browns and yellows of the Simpson Desert, they’ve nearly done it all.

We managed to catch up with the Lorrimers at Coolum, as they were preparing to tackle the mighty and majestic Fraser Island, this time, without the van!

Roger plays host as they check out ARB Maroochydore, and kit themselves out with a couple of double Skydome Swags, personal location gear, and importantly, a set of ARB Tred Pro recovery boards.

When driving on sand, especially the soft stuff, knowing your recovery needs comes into play. It makes life even more difficult when you’re tourig by yourself.

Straight off the bat, we would recommend dropping your tyre pressure down to increase the footprint, each of your wheels are leaving on the sand. Therefore, more grip. There’s no magic number, but between 18 and 20psi is a good place to start.

If you do find yourself in a bit of a pickle, a set of recovery boards, like Tred Pros, are your first line of defense to bogging.

You can find out more on beach recovery, and indeed the Tred Pros by visiting the ARB website. Or alternatively, head to one of their stores to chat with the team.

And you can keep up to date will the Lorrimers by following them on Instagram and Facebook!

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