Northern Conquest

Australia’s East Coast has unlimited fishing potential. The fringing reef off North Queensland particularly has an abundance of species, all of which are firmly cemented atop many fisho’s bucket lists.

From Townsville, there are a few sections that are only 40 nautical miles out, so it is achievable to fish them in a day. But if you want to do it in style, why not treat yourself and a few mates to a liveaboard experience. The crew from Northern Conquest have been in the business of turning fishermen’s dreams into reality for a while now.

They’ve got a few boats in their fleet. San Miguel is their 60foot tourer that will comfortably sleep 8 people in air-conditioned comfort. They run a variety of overnight or longer trips to so A-Grade fishing grounds.

In the shallower country, Coral Trout and a variety of emperor species hang out. You’ll have good luck with bait on a basic paternoster rig, but it’s not uncommon to get them on soft plastics or vibes

The king of the reef is undoubtedly, Red Emperor. They are the full package. Hard fighting, good looking and incredibly tasty! Everyone wants to jag a red, and the reef is where to find them. They live in anything from 25m to 120m depth and will more often than not eat a bait before a lure. You will need heavy gear to land a big one. A spin or overhead reel 8000 sized or greater. 50-pound braid with a heavy leader is also advisable. Then it’s just a matter of dropping down and hanging on!

Your next reef trip is just a phone call away, so get on the blower and book in with Northern Conquest Charters.

All the gear we’d recommend for a reef adventure can be found at your local BCF. When you’re instore, make sure you mention what you’re up to, they will be just as excited for you as you are!


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