NMRA Palm Cove Holiday Park

There is something to be said for a place that immediately makes you feel like you’re on holiday – whether it’s the warm sunny days, the idyllic vistas of water, palm trees gently swinging in the breeze or the vibe that you get when you’re there.

Palm Cove is one of those such places – it’s like a breath of fresh air one you hit the main street and see those wide-open views of the water. Yes, you’d expect such a ritzy place would attract the big spenders, and indeed there is that, but my friends, a hidden secret in plain sight is right under everyone’s nose. NRMA Parks Palm Cove is right at the end of the main strip, only footsteps from the white sands, calm water and is your next destination for you caravanning holiday. Imagine setting up your van to the sound of water lapping only moments away – what a dream!

“We’ve been coming here for years – it’s been our little secret spot. We will sometimes spend a couple of weeks at one time – it’s just perfect” Greg from Newcastle tells us. “There’s such a great crowd of people here, everyone is here to relax and take it easy” Sharon jumps in.

And that’s the thing – there’s one point to be at a destination and it be visually stunning, but it’s another to have the atmosphere that wants you to stay much much longer.

Park Manager Paul and his wife Therese have been here for 5 years – their focus, to make sure that everyone “feels” like they’re on holidays. “We’ve worked really hard on trying to build a community here and make it a park where it’s a community of people – putting on events to get everyone up and interacting”.

A great locale, friendly people and a wonderful vibe – now that does sound like a great holiday.

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