Off-road caravanning to Double Island Point

The trip to Double Island Point is a bit of a favourite for many of South East Queensland’s four wheel driving fraternity. There’s a couple of ways to access this part of paradise. Hit the Noosa Northshore Beach head on by taking the ferry from Tewantin, or you can head up to Rainbow Beach, and come at it that way.

If you do take the latter option, you will be greeted by the coloured sands, an awesome attraction mere minutes from Rainbow Beach. Displaying all shades of red, yellow, orange and brown, the coloured sands get their name from the oxidizing minerals that are present. To you and me… think of little metallic elements in the sand rusting. Thus creating the earthy tones.

Make sure you time the tides if travelling from Rainbow Beach to Double Island Point. There are a couple of sets of rocks to pass as you head towards Double Island Point. Some can get a little sketchy with water over them. There is a “wall of shame” at the Rainbow Beach Hotel where you will find pictures of fourbies that have bitten off more than they could chew. You don’t want to end up there.

The beach is very driveable. Normally with enough space to easily accommodate traffic both ways. That includes caravans!

As the market stands, there is a caravan out there to suit all tastes. Some of the best coming out at the moment are offroad weapons. Sunseeker make a range of offroad vans, all with their own unique capabilities. One of interest to the adventurous couples amongst us is the Runamuk. It’s a downsized version of Sunseeker’s larger vans, but keeps all the luxuries. Its shorter wheelbase and width mean it follows in the tracks of your car, making it easy to tow on sandy tracks.

One point to consider when buying an offroad caravan are the couplings. Articulation is king when it comes to choosing a coupling that absorbs the body roll of a van. Cruisemaster are a local company, out of Geebung, who supply Sunseeker with couplings and suspension for their vans. It’s worth giving them a look. They also do a rather cool airbag system for caravans, which takes away the need for chocks, planks of wood etc. when you’re trying to get your van nice and flat.

So if you’re thinking of jumping into the world of offroad caravanning, why not have a look at the Sunseeker website to check out their range of vans, and while online, the Cruisemaster website is the perfect spot to learn about offroad couplings, and the awesome airbag suspension system they offer.

Remember, if you are wanting to tackle Double Island Point, you will need a vehicle access permit, which can be found on the National Parks website… and if you’re travelling through Rainbow Beach, why not stay for a night (or two) at the Rainbow Beach Holiday Village. Beautiful big sites and plenty of facilities for the vans. Or they have great villas if that’s more your speed!

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