Post-Beach Car Cleaning

We all love getting away to the beach and even better if we can take our four-wheeled members of the family along for the ride with us, but there’s the unenviable job that’s often put to the backburner after our time away – cleaning the vehicle.

Regular viewer, Gordon shot us an email and said – “You’ve shown many episodes on beach driving, recovery and safety. Why don’t you show people how to clean and wash their vehicles and trailers after beach driving through sand and saltwater?

 Many who watch your show own very expensive 4WDs and can’t afford a new vehicle every 5 years and need to look after them. My 150 series Prado is 10 years old and is well looked after but it still costs a bit in repairs from beach driving on Moreton once a month.”

Well, Gordo, this one is for you – Watch the video below: Gary goes through the what’s and whys of washing your pride and joy – it’s incredible how much sand hitchhikes it’s way home!

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