Prawning on the Pine River

Prawns are a seasonal quarry for fishermen – and, in south-east Queensland, these tasty crustaceans run from January to May in our creeks, rivers and estuaries.

One of the easiest ways to find them is to look for a cluster of boats – the tell-tale sign that prawns are ‘on the boil’ in that location.  Another way to track them down is with a sounder – where quite often they show up, high in the water.

Once you’ve hit the magic spot, your success or otherwise depends a lot on your casting technique and on the gear you’re using.

BCF are now stocking the Wilson Pro Cast Top Pocket Cast Net – with superior, soft mono netting and a large top pocket to maximise your catch. The Wilson Pro Cast uses a multi-panel construction and a stainless chain bottom for maximum spread.

The nets are available in standard, great for working in the shallows and heavy, ideal for deeper water.

If you do hit the motherlode of prawns, remember to respect the 10-litre bag limit, per person.

Throwing ice in your bag or bucket will keep the catch fresh and the prawn flesh firm and tasty.  Creating a saltwater slurry will also help cool them down, quick smart.

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