Quantum Cat’s Unsinkable Vessels

So you’ve decided to head out on the water for the day and you’ve got your boating checklist.

You need your lifejacket of course, your sunscreen and your sledgehammer! Wait… sledgehammer?

Well no not really, but if you’ve got an Aussie made Quantum Cat vessel, they tell us not even a sledgehammer can damage the hull! Now that’s tough!

“Tough, durable, these things are built to last,” said Quantum Cat’s Ben Jensen. “The polyethylene product that we use has been marine designed, foam filled, just solid.”

Trust us, they’re toughness is not their only selling point though.

“They’re easy to drive, super stable,” Ben continued. “Turning, maneuverability at high speeds at that, they dig in and they turn.”

And of course, if you do happen to knock into something, you know that you’re not going to you know rip your hull open or do any major damage. That’s what we call peace of mind!

The Quantum Cat’s shallow hull makes it ideal to sneak up into creeks and estuaries so no worries all round.

“It’s less stress on the driver,” said Ben. “If the driver’s less stressed, then everyone seems to be less stressed!”

So get into Quantum Cat for yourself and let the team help you decide on the model that’s best for you.

Quantum Cat
101 Enterprise Street, Kunda Park
5456 4292



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