Queensland Museum’s Deep Ocean exhibition

It’s pretty incredible the fish you can pull up from the deep, but when you venture even deeper, where the light of the sun no longer reaches, well, that’s when the creatures become truly peculiar…

Merrick Ekins from the Queensland Museum has been on one such deep sea expedition, with CSIRO and Museum Victoria, and he made some incredible discoveries.

Merrick fills us in on the underwater adventure, where he spent over a month at sea on the CSIRO investigator vessel, travelling all the way from Tasmania to the Coral Sea. He was part of a team of specialised scientists from varied fields, trying to learn more about the vastly unexplored deep seas. The boat was trailed by a special robot on 8kms of metal cable, and this submersible vessel would scout the ocean between depths of 2000m to 4000m below the surface.

This expedition was going where no one had gone before, investigating uncharted water, and discovering a huge range of new species. These scientific expeditions are extremely important in understanding how all marine ecosystems are linked, and the new species they find can lead to some incredible discoveries, and Merrick is keen to share his amazing experiences from his deep-sea adventure!

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