Queensland Off-Grid On The Border

Being such a massive state, Queensland’s landscape is so wide and varied, from the iconic beaches of the Whitsundays to the red dirt out West, there is so much to explore, and you want to do it all. We threw a dart at a map of Queensland and it landed on Southern Queensland Country, so naturally we went there.

We started in Stanthorpe, home to great apples and even better wines. Here the winters are cool but the hospitality is as warm as the fire is roaring – staying at the Country Style Caravan Park, hosts Ben and Narelle have a wonderful park that’s accommodating to every style of traveller – from cosy cabins, powered sites and to go fully off the grid – a picturesque spot at the back of the property right on the Severn River. What a find!

Travelling with us were our mates from Caravan HQ, where you’ll find 5 brands of caravan that you’ll be able to take basically anywhere – bush, beach or outback. It’s here that we trialled the Royal Flair 18’ Aussiemate and the Royal Flair XT Razor, both stunning caravans in their own right and suited our off the grid locale, to a tee.

From here, it was a quick trot to Sundown National Park where we were truly off the grid – no tap water, mains power or phone reception – wonderful! Camping in winter (and in the middle of nowhere) means a very chilly morning – not with these vans, everyone waking up nice and toasty in a warm comfortable van, delightful.

With all the right gizmos, gadgets these caravans are designed for those who seek the finer things in life while out bush – just because you’re out whoop whoop, doesn’t mean you have to rough it! See the range of caravans on the links below, or to see them in action watch our special Caravanning Queensland and CaravanHQ half hour.

Royal Flair 18’ Aussiemate

Royal Flair XT Razor


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