Queensland’s Bigriggen Camping and Caravan Park

There’s no doubt buying your first caravan is an exciting time. Just think of the roads ahead, the adventures to be had and the memories that are yet to be made! Despite all your excitement, it’s totally normal to feel apprehensive leading up to your travels with a van in tow.

Before you set off on your big adventure, it’s always a good idea to test the waters at a park close to home. It’ll give you the opportunity to perfect parking, practice setting up the van and realise what you might still need in your caravanning kit.

If you’re based in Brisbane, Ipswich or on the Gold Coast, Bigriggen Camping and Caravan Park is an ideal spot to stay. It’s roughly an hour and a half drive from all 3 cities making it an easy drive for any first timer.

The is a family-owned business and they’re certainly no strangers to first time caravanners. In fact, they’ll even offer up a few tips to help ease you into the ‘vanning lifestyle. They have around 100 acres to explore, so there’s plenty of room to practice parking the van. The Logan River runs through the property, which provides hours of entertainment for visitors. A little tip, make sure you pack a floatie to ride down the rapids!

Extra tips: 

Whether you’re a confident caravanner, or still driving with your training wheels, there are a few handy tips to remember when it comes to storing your caravan away.

  • Store your van undercover to avoid UV damage
  • Clean awning to ensure its 100% dry before storing
  • Remove batteries from items like torches and remote controls to avoid corrosive damage through leaks
  • Block or plug all external pipes to stop insects

If you’re keen to find out more about caravanning, or you’d just like some inspiration on where to travel next, visit Caravanning Queensland’s website.

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