Queensland’s Top Tiny Tourism Town 2022 is…

One of our favourite Outback centres was recently crowned Queensland’s Top Tiny Tourism Town for 2022.  

Every year, the Queensland Tourism Industry Council awards towns throughout the state with the honor of being a Top Tourism Town. This year’s Tiny recipient was Winton 

Winton is a beacon of the west, with many travelling to and through it on their way to the outer reaches (or should that be inner centre) of our country.  

Winton also holds its own on the tourism front. With plenty of facilities for travelling caravanners, as well as a handful of very tidy accommodation options.  

As is tradition, an outback town has to have a good pub or two and Winton is no different.  

Head on over to the QTIC website to check out all the other recipients of this year’s Top Tourism Towns.

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