Rainy Day? More like a day in the shed!

A wet and windy day can be a blessing in disguise for boaties! While you may not get out on the water, it forces you up into the shed to attend to all those little jobs you’ve been meaning to do forever.

A good thing to do is to check all the points around the pride and joy that secure it to the trailer, then all the contents in the boat, to it!

Here’s a tip from Gary, why not run a length of spare (ideally outdoor) carpet under any straps running across the boat. That will reduce the chances of that strap wearing through, particularly on longer trips away.

It’s also worthwhile going over everything that’s metal and moves with a squirt of inox or WD40. Keep that corrosion at bay!

Another tip from Gary (and one you may not consider) is thinking about how you’re weight is layed out in the boat. You’ll know where the fuel tank and batteries are, so from that, think about where you will secure your eskies and passengers. An esky full of fish and ice can be quite heavy and could affect how the boat rides.

Finally, a shed day is a good opportunity to check all your safety gear is still in date and legal! Check your flairs, EPIRBs and life jackets.

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