Rockhampton Fishing

When the Fitzroy River runs smack bang through the centre of town, you know the fishing is going to be red hot.

A couple of years ago, commercial netting was banned from the Fitzroy River, meaning the fish that once would have been caught young, now have the opportunity to grown BIG.

A look at a sounder will immediately show schools of big threadfin salmon and barramundi swimming through the centre of town! A fisherman’s dream!

Olivia takes to the Fitzroy, armed with a number of soft vibes, recommended by Dave from the local BCF store. The threadies particularly love this variety of lure. Their long pectrol fillimnents….or to you and I, whiskers, can pick up movement through the water column long before they see the lure. So they will often hit the lure either on the drop, or when being worked back up.

If you’re thinking of having a crack at the Fitzroy, head to your local BCF to grab a couple of soft vibes. Can we also recommend a stay at The Empire Apartments in town. They sit so close to the river you can practically see the fish feeding below. Beautiful rooms, with a stunning pool and gym. What more could you ask for?!

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