Creek to Coast says farewell to Milo

Milo has been part of Roothy’s family for well over 20 years. She’s done over a million kilometres, taken him all over Australia. She’s been an absolute workhorse in all that time and it’s fair to say there is a mutual love for man and machine.

But there comes a time in any machine’s life when it’s just too late to do any more – the repairs keep piling up, the efficiency is out the door and it starts to become sluggish. For poor old Milo, it’s time for retirement at the National Motor Museum.

This is the final Creek to Coast journey for Milo – Australia’s most recognisable 4WD – and where better to take her for a final “salt bath” than North Stradbroke Island, the first place we met her on Creek to Coast?

Roothy is joined by Jase from BCF for a winter camping trip – they test out the latest and greatest toys and contraptions to have a comfortable camp, a few campfire tales and of course, put the old girl through her paces across the island.

“She’s been a wonderful truck,” Roothy told us. “I love her dearly. It’s time she went to the museum. She’s done some great service.”

View the videos to see what Roothy, Milo and Jase got up to on Straddie.