Scotty’s Epic Barra Road Trip

The Barra, Australia’s most iconic sports fish – ferocious strikes and explosive displays of power – this is why fishos all over the country have them firmly in their bucket lists.

Barra thrive in Tropical North Queensland due to the abundance of food, and the relatively warmer water temperature. This means if you want to tick a Barra off your list, then North Queensland is the place to be.

Barra have been caught as far south as the Sunshine Coast, however, they get more and more common the further north you head. Renowned for patrolling the freshwater Fitzroy River through Rocky, they also love the salt flats of Townsville and the fresh of the Ross River.

Once you’ve found them, catching them is a whole other ball game. BCF stock a variety of lures that are known to catch Barra. From the iconic Gold Bomber hard boddies, to vibes and Z-Man soft plastics.

The bombers can certainly be trolled, but the general rule of thumb is to land your lure around current changes/structure and slowly roll it back.

Another option is to use bait. The same rule of thumb applies when targeting structure, however, using bait is way more of a waiting game. Cast your bait as close as you dare to your targeted structure and wait for a nibble. Don’t worry about the little bites (most likely to be smaller bream), a Barra bite is one big *donk.* Rather than biting down on their prey, Barra inhale, sucking their food in before grinding it rather than chewing. This big *donk* is the Barra sucking their food.

Plan your own Barra roadtrip up north! Can we recommend stopping by BCF before you head off the team in-store, particularly in the Barra-rich regions will certainly be able to give you a hand, however you’re hoping to catch them.

Our list of guides and accommodation is below if you want to follow in our footsteps. Happy fishing and good luck!

Fishing Guide: Andrew Mead – Aussie Barra Charters

Stay:  Rowes Bay Beachfront Holiday Park


Fishing Guide: Jeff Wilton
Instagram: @jeffwilton83

Stay: Hinchinbrook Resorts Fishing Lodge, Lucinda.

Fishing guide  Ian Kucors

Stay: Lake Tinaroo Holiday Park 

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