Seafood Seasonality

When you think of ‘seasonal eating, what springs to mind? Fresh mangos in Summer? Juicy apples in Autumn? Yes, fruit and vegetables are the common culprits, but have you ever considered that seafood is also ruled by the seasons?

But there is a catch. “Seafood seasonality” isn’t always linked to Summer, Autumn Winter and Spring. It can refer to times of the year that certain species are most abundant and at peak harvest. Then again, availability can also depend on overall consumption.

One of the easiest ways to find out what’s in season is to pop into your local fish.

Rufus King Seafoods on North Stradbroke Island have the pristine waters of Moreton Bay right on their doorstep which means a fridge full of fresh, local seafood! On a daily, you’ll find anglers delivering their catch, so the team at Rufus know firsthand what’s in the water and at its prime.

If you’re keen to enjoy the island’s finest seafood, the Stradbroke Island Beach Hotel is a must. They work wonders with Rufus’ seafood, switching up the Specials board regularly to showcase what’s in season.

Visit Queensland’s Department of Agriculture and Fisheries for a useful seasonal chart.

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