Shallow Water Snapper

There are plenty of species that fire up off our QLD shores when the tempreture drops for Winter. A favourite of many is Snapper.

They come in closer to shore to spawn, meaning they are more prolific and will often feed more aggressively.

Over the years, we’ve tried our hand at a range of options for Snapper fishing, but by far the most fun we’ve had is by using soft plastics. There are a few nuances to soft plastic snapper fishing, and it starts by picking the correct jig head weight. After you cast, you want your plastic to slowly waft down the water column, looking natural, rather than rocket to the bottom. As a general rule, 3/8th ounces will work for anything between 12 and 20m of water, depending on the current.

When it comes to the size of the plastic, 5inch or 7inch is normally the go. ZMAN make a huge range of plastics which all work well. You’d be looking at something in the same shape as a minnow.

Finally, with all the Snapper about in Winter, it’s important that we take only what we need. We want to ensure that there are fish for future generations to enjoy. SCF Australia are big advocates of this. If you’re interested, give them a follow on their socials or find out more by heading to their website!

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