Shikari Charters

It’s not often you get to rub shoulders with an ex-Australian captain, and Kim Hughes was certainly one of the most memorable. He was known as a stroke maker, an attacking batsman who captained his side through a tumultuous period of Australian cricket. He stared with the bat on many occasions in England, as well as leading his side gallantly on home soil.

As you would imagine, Kim is still infatuated by the game, and fondly recounts, memories of golden Australian sides of old.

“We had at one stage, were called the magnificent seven. We had seven of us in the Australian side…, and we allowed a couple of scrubbers called Alan Border or Greg Chappell to play with us.”

Nowadays, Kim presents afternoon radio, and gets out to chase Snapper and King George Whiting when he can. This time however, we upped the stakes for him.

Scotty and Kim head out with Al from Shikari Charters to chase an icon of these Western waters, Samson Fish.

They get their names from the biblical figure, Samson, who was granted super human strength. So needless to say, these fish pull hard!

In 100m of water, with 300 gram Kato jigs, it’s hard work! These fish do tend to school up in big numbers, so when you do find the school, drop down and hold on!

Al from Shikari Charters is widely regarded as the ground-breaker when it comes to jigging for these beautiful big Samson fish. He has taken staff from Shimano and Daiwa out for R&D when testing new gear, and has a handful of marks that rarely miss. So if you’re in town and fancy tackling one of these monsters, give Al a call.

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