Show us your shed: Roothy’s special spot

A man or a woman’s shed is a special place. It doesn’t have to be clean or tidy, it doesn’t have to be perfect or organised, it’s just a place where we go to work or tinker, play with our toys or indeed, fix them!

We wanted to check out everyone’s sheds, so we started with a pretty special one.

John “Roothy” Rooth has a shed that makes us all very jealous.

We all know he loves his cars, and his shed is where he keeps some of his special ones.

There is the original Milo, Australia’s most iconic 40 series, with over a million clicks on the clock. Also hiding in there is a 1970s holden ute (a future project), a beautiful Mark 4 Jag (Roothy’s “family car”) and a 1940s Jeep that saw active service in the Pacific!

Stray a little further into the shed and you’ll discover Roothy’s other love: his bikes. Some 19 motorcycles stand proud. From BMW and Norton, to Matchless and Harley–the brands are not only impressive, but iconic.

Our favourite bushy said it well himself:

“So this is my shed. I know, it’s a bit messy, certainly not perfect. There’s no real plan to it…very much like me, actually.”

It’s what a shed should be, and we’d like to see yours! Send us photos or even a video of your shed on the Creek to Coast Facebook page! We may even pop by and shoot a little segment with you.

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