SmartBar Protection

We all know that old saying that ‘it’s better to be safe than sorry…’ and when it comes to your car, boy ain’t that the truth. That is one of the reasons we have frontal and underbody protection for our vehicles.

XL specialises in fleet fit-outs transforming each vehicle into the ultimate work-play machine and Smartbar’s new stealth bar is the perfect example of that combination.

“It’s a modern bull bar, it reduces a lot of mass, it’s winch compatible, and basically it’s a 21st-century bull bar,” JP said.

Made of polyethylene plastic, it’s incredibly tough but also light.

“You know most people want to lighten up the front ends of their vehicles and this is the answer,” JP said.

As well as it’s lightweight, there are many other benefits to polyethylene.

“It’s scratch-resistant, it’s not going to rust, I mean the new update with the Stealthbar the aesthetics is insane,” JP said.

Those same benefits apply to the underbody armour too.

“Looking at the underbody armour compared to the traditional steel underbody armour, they’re saving about 20 kilos,” said JP. “And basically you just saved yourself a whole winch fit-out.”


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