Spinning for Longtail Tuna in Moreton Bay

During the warmer months, pelagic fish run a muk in Moreton Bay. The warmer water tempretaures bring bait closer to shore, which in turn, attracts the likes of Mackerel and Tuna.

There are a few options to targeting these fish in Moreton Bay. Working the shipping markers is a great start. There is normally good current running around them (another tick for pelagic fish) as well as holding bait. Try jigging metal slugs around the markers for mackerel.

Another tip is to look for birds. Where there are birds there are normally bust-ups and baitballs – truly a sight that fishermen’s dreams are made of.

The technique is simple, get within casting distance of the baitball and send in your slug. Rod tip down and wind as fast as you can. Mackerel and Tuna love speed, so a metal slug flashing about in the water, bolting one direction will normally fire the fish up.

Both Savage Gear and Halco make a great range of metal slugs. If you are intending on using them, it’s not a bad idea to buy a variety of sizes. The idea is to “match the hatch” – i.e. match the size and shape of your lure, to the baitfish that the pelagics are feeding on.

BCF hold a great range of these lures, worth a chat to the team members as well, they live and breath what they preach… so if you’re new to the baitball chasing game, they will certainly help.

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