Stocking Stuffers for a Tropical Christmas

Us Aussies do Christmas pretty well. Save your snow and reindeer, there’s nothing better than a fist full of prawns by the pool on a barmy Queensland December 25.

In our opinion, nothing says Christmas in Qld like a couple of appropriate, on-water stocking stuffers that are GUARANTEED to get a run.

First on the list – check out these Trophy Catch Fish Pool Inflatables! Take your pick from 5 different species! For us, it has to be the Marlin, or maybe the prawn for Christmas!

While on the topic of inflatables, Tahwahli make a brilliant range of inflatable paddleboards. This 10’6” version is super stable, and collapses down into a bag, meaning there’s no need for roof racks.

For the young kids, the Weekender Toy Truck and Boat bundle will get ‘em hooked on the outdoors in no time (would you believe the boat even floats?!), or if they’re looking for a shed like Dad’s, the Pop Up Kids fishing Shack is bound to be a hit

If you’re looking for something that won’t require getting the feet wet, can we recommend XTM’s new Mighty Swag. The Big Man himself (Scotty, not Santa) approves of the 70mm thick mattress, and there’s PLENTY of room to take the lovely partner or travel solo.

…and finally if you can’t quite leave all the technology at home, then the Wanderer Projector might just make for a great movie night under the stars. The best bit for us is that it can be charged via a 12volt plug, or just hook it straight into 240.

Finally, if you’re looking for a last minute campsite for Christmas, look no further than Hipcamp! We recently found this gem of a spot up in Cairns. Mirimbi. Lovely spot up in the hills, no more than 20mins from town.

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