Sunseeker Buy a Van

In today’s market, potential caravan owners have a smorgasbord of options when it comes to choosing a size, shape, setup…you name it, there’s a van for you. But it’s often after the sale that things can get a little daunting, particularly for first time caravanners.

The thought of towing a brand new caravan out of the dealership, without any prior experience can be very stressful, but the guys at Sunseeker take that stress away, and replace it with confidence.

Once you sign the contract, the fun only just begins. A bloke like Scott Henderson will walk you around every inch of your brand spanking new Sunseeker van, showing you what it all does, and most importantly, how you can make it work!

He will also offer tips for towing, and show you, in depth, how to safely hook up your van to the back of your vehicle.

We decided to tag along with the Boniface clan, as they pick up their new Marvel Golden Child from Sunseeker HQ on the Sunny Coast (of course it’s on the Sunny Coast!).

After all the safety checks are done, and Scott is happy that Ross and Laura Boniface are competent, he sets them on their way.

You can pick up your own Sunseeker Caravan by heading to, or by visiting their showroom on Nicklin Way in Warana.