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When you hear fishing folk talk about catching big barra, one of the names you’ll hear is Peter Faust Dam, or some call it Proserpine Lake (about 26kms from the town of Proserpine), also home of the 1 metre barra! The dam has no closed barra season, so can be fished all year round, and to help Scotty out, dam expert Dave Towner has joined him.

Here’s some quick dam facts for you… this dam was completed in 1990 and has an earth and rockfill embankment. It’s also an extensive water way, and at full supply level, has a surface area of 4325 ha – so, it’s big and most importantly it’s stocked with fish.

You want to be on alert when fishing amongst the timbers and not put yourself in harm’s way of possible falling branches or submerged logs. Here’s a tip; take a shot of a satellite image of Peter Faust Dam, so not only does it help with navigation, but you can see the headlands and the points. It is these prominent points or the edges of bays that have large weed beds hidden underwater. So be sure to anchor off these points and progressively fish the weed beds, working a lure or fly from deep to more shallow water. And remember to fish only where you’re supposed to, and read the signs!

If you want to know more about staying safe and fishing around dams, weirs and barrages visit SunWater’s website.

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