Supersizing your BCF-ing experience!

There is a new Boating, Camping and Fishing experience on the Sunshine Coast…and it goes by the name of the BCF Kawana Superstore.

The model came from the Superstore flagship design, up in Townsville.

Of all the people who have helped pull this new store together, store manager, Andy Gunn has to be the most excited.

“What a ripper” he exclaimed to Scotty at the grand opening.

Gunny is a 16-year veteran of BCF. Working at a handful of stores across Queensland, he’s settled here at Kawana..and couldn’t be happier with the range…and if you’re going to come in to pick a new setup, he’s got some sound advice.

“…And you’re going to spend an hour to two hours looking for that Give it plenty of time.”

We couldn’t think of a better way to spend an hour or two!

BCF have a massive network of store across the country. You can find out exactly where your closest is by heading online…or why not make tracks to Kawana on the Sunshine Coast, to check out the Superstore for yourself.

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