The History of Roger’s Ute ‘Dolly’

Dolly and Creek to Coast have been racking up the kilometres lately. Driving the full length of the mighty Murray River, followed by a run through the Flinders Ranges to see Lake Eyre.

All the more impressive given that two years ago, this old ute was used as a broken-down stage prop at the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame.

It shows the difference that a stack of hours, a heap of determination and a truckload of ARB accessories can achieve.

Most of Dolly’s life was spent working in Western Queensland, including nearly two decades with Steve Moloney and his family. For over 30 years, Dolly rattled up and down dirt roads around the Longreach area.

Working on farms like Longway Station, run by one of the region’s most enduring farming families, Rosemary and Warwick Champion.

The last stop on Dolly’s homecoming tour was the Australian Stockman’s Hall of Fame, where half of the town turned out for a party.

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