The Isuzu Iron Summit Challenge

The Isuzu D-MAX and MU-X are two incredible vehicles that are designed for rugged Aussie conditions.

To illustrate the durability and capability of the vehicles, Isuzu has created the Iron Summit. Matt from Isuzu describes it as ‘the worlds steepest, portable four-wheel drive ramp. it’s a forty-five degree climb to the sky and then we’ve got the hydraulic system that switches it over and then you’ve got to come back to the ground at a forty-five degree decline as well.’

The Iron Summit is as close to a thrill ride that you’ll find at a 4×4 Outdoor Expo, and keen enthusiasts line up for hours for their turn. Both the MU-X and D-MAX can scale the Iron Summit, and both vehicles are driven by highly trained stunt drivers.

The Iron Summit travels around Australia and appears at various shows and expos around the country. When it’s in your neck of the woods, give it a go. There’s nothing else quite like it!

If you want more information about the MU-X and the D-MAX, then head to the Isuzu Ute Australia website.

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