Tips for catching bass in the Borumba Dam

Head inland from the Sunny Coast and there is a plethora of freshwater fishing on tap…. and it’s Untapped Fishing Expeditions who can get you hooked up.

Callum Munro is one of Australia’s premier bass anglers, and has followed a lifelong dream to start up a guiding business.

Callum guides across the Sunny Coast, but his favourite spot is Borumba Dam, just outside of the little town of Imbil, and about 45 minutes’ drive from Gympie. Borumba is a stocked impoundment, meaning the bass are plentiful, and you also have a chance of hooking yellowbelly, silver perch, or even a saratoga.

Bass are classically aggressive feeders, and tend to school up well off points and structure in the dam. Callum recommends a variety of ways to catch them, but a little blade or soft plastic is a good place to start. A sounder will also help a lot. If that isn’t your style, a great place to start is amongst the submerged trees and snags at the top end of the dam. Bigger fish will often patrol these zones, waiting for bait to float into view.

You will need a stocked impoundment fishing permit if you’re heading out to Borumba; one can be picked up online.

For all your Bass’n gear, check out your local BCF. We’d recommend grabbing a couple of different lures to chop and change with. A light little spinning or casting setup will do just fine. No heavier than 10-pound line and a 2-4kg rod will make life a lot of fun.