Tips for Tough Towing

Your first trip off-road with a brand-new van in tow, understandably, is going to be a nervous one for you. Not to worry! The team at Vision RV have had their fair share of experience in all things caravanning offroad and have a few tips to help, when it comes to tough towing.

One particularly important one is knowing your tyre limits and ideal pressures. Chris Michel from Vision RV says how important it is not only for the comfort of your ride, but the safety of your van as well.

“Leading up to that, going along the dirt road as soon as we hit dirt, and we know a lot of our driving was dirt, we went straight to dirt road pressures. I drop my rears down to 25(psi), which then would work their way up to about 30 when they’re hot and my fronts I had down to 20 which work their way up to 25 when they’re hot as well. But then when we hit the rough stuff, and I know I’m never going to get over 15 20 kays an hour, maybe at most 20 kays an hour I went down to about 17 18 in the front of my vehicle and I went down to 21, 22 in the rear of my vehicle to really bag it out and soften the ride and reduce the load on the vehicle.”

A few other useful tips Chris recommends include investing in a basic all-in-one tool kit that stays in the van. He recommends one that has a space for everything in the tool kit, that way when you ultimately lose your 10mm socket…you’ll know it’s gone before putting the kit away.

When it comes to towing through tricky obstacles, there are a few things to remember. One initial consideration is that you’ll need to pick two lines, one for your vehicle and one for the van. That’s because in some circumstances your van won’t follow exactly in the tracks of your car.

The team from Vision RV have an incredible wealth of knowledge and you should hit them up with any questions at all for your next offroad caravanning adventure. Or check out a go-anywhere caravan for yourself, either on their website or instore.

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