Tips for towing a trailer

Are you used to playing Tetris when it comes to packing for a camping trip? Well, lucky for you, we’ve packed a few trailers in our time… and that includes bringing too much gear but also knowing how to tactically store it… so, here’s a few tips that might help you out! 

Know the limitations of your tow vehicle

Our Isuzu MUX has 3 tonne towing, so we’re well and truly covered. But you will also need to know the limitations of your trailer… you’ll find this info displayed on plates attached to your trailer. This is extremely important because you need to know how much it can safely and legally carry.

Packing tactically

For instance, you’ll want to place your heavy items down low, over the axle and towards the front of the trailer. While doing so, make sure you put the stuff you need first on the top.

Securing your load 

A cargo net, or a tarp, will certainly make sure nothing escapes the trailer while you’re on the move. More importantly, it’s the law to make sure your load is secure. Before you head off, remember to check your lights, indicators, and the number plate are in clear view and haven’t been obstructed while packing. 

Choosing the right vehicle for the job 

The Isuzu MUX is an all-rounder… and ticks all the boxes. So, if you want to take it off-road – you can. But it’s also a great option to get from one point to another, particularly if you like towing all the toys. 

Keep an eye on your trailer when driving

You want to be having frequent looks in your rear-view mirror just to see what your trailer is up to. If you notice any swerving or anything like that, it’s a good indication that you’ve got your weight distribution a little bit wrong.

You also want to be feeling for vibrations through your steering wheel and also keeping an ear out for any irregular noises that may spell a flat tyre or a dead bearing. So, one quick hot tip, if you do notice your trailer is going out of control and swerving wildly behind you, the worst thing you can do is slam your foot on the brakes. What you want to do is take your foot off the accelerator, allow the vehicle to slow your trailer, and pull over where it’s safe. Don’t slam the brakes, that will end in a jackknife, and bad news.

Lastly, how to reverse when you arrive at your destination

If you get a little nervous when it comes to reversing a trailer, you wouldn’t be the first… but there are a few things you can do to make life a little easier! Once you’re in position and ready to reverse, we’re lucky enough to have one of these, a reversing camera but also make sure you check your mirrors as well so you can see the outside edges of your trailer.

Snap a pic of your trailer packing, before unpacking

Before you take all your gear out, make sure you take a quick photo, that way when it comes time to pack it all up again, you’ll know where everything goes!

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