Towing Tips

Knowing the ins and outs of caravan towing is one of the most, if not the singular most important aspects of caravan ownership.  

Buying a caravan in the first place is a big investment, so why not secure that investment by upskilling your towing skills.  

Gary Gardiner is a well-known name in the Queensland Caravan Towing game. He runs Total Towing Setups – a one-stop shop, endorsed by big-name Haymen Reese, for caravan owners to make sure their towing setups are not only legal but also in good form.  

Gary says, of late, there have been plenty of first-timers asking questions that some of the seasoned towers would overlook. 

“Sometimes you’re a first-timer, you have no idea if your car is capable of even towing a van at all. So what I do is come out and assess your car’s capability for the right towing ratings also the right components. Is your towbar compliant? Do you need extension caravan mirrors? Do you need a brake controller on your car and that it’s set up properly? So when you do get on the road the car and van are going to behave exactly how you expect them to be. When you’re doing 100km/h down the highway.” 

Sessions with Gary can be booked either by heading to the Caravanning Queensland website or hitting him up directly 

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