Toyota Old v New

Does newer always mean better? Roger takes his beautifully restored 1982 Toyota Landcruiser 40 series to Landcruiser Mountain Park to put it to the test against its Grandson… a fully ARB-built 79 series Dual Cab. Quite the pair don’t you think? 

Toyota has been making Landcruisers since 1951, and considering they are still around today, it’s a testament to how rugged, reliable and well-loved the name is in Australia. They hold a cult following. Whether you’re a fan of the older models, or can’t go past a brand spanking new 200 series, the Toytoa love remains the same.   

Both the cars we put to the test are very different, but at the same time, share a few similarities. Primiarily, the old man emu suspension, ARB compressor and Air Lockers. The combination of these three modifications make BOTH cars very capable vehicles.  

Considering we have two vehicles; we’ll need a second driver! Everyone knows Roothy can’t stay away from a good looking 40, so who else is better to help Rog put his new pride and joy through its paces.  

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