Vision RV, Revolutionising Caravan Manufacturing Here in Queensland

From the makers of Marvel and Sunseeker, the Vision RV is an exciting range of RV’s that are made exclusively here in Queensland. We put one question to Darren Wilson, lead designer – how Vision are revolutionising caravans, taking them to the world?

“So the vision line has revolutionised caravan manufacturing in Queensland. What we’ve tried to do is get ahead of the field, really, to bring in different tradespeople firstly. When we hire, we don’t hire directly from the caravan industry per se. We have trades in plumbing, electrical engineering field, so they bring a lot of new expertise to Vision. We try and eliminate that.

We then look at materials and we eliminate materials like timber or others that that have issues. These caravans are used in wet environments and rugged environments. And so if we can eliminate timbers and convert all that to aluminium or other composite materials, that really gives us a lot of strength and durability.

And not only the materials but then the detailing of those materials – so all the aluminium joinery is actually laser cut and key together before it’s welded – it’s extremely strong, but also really light and durability, water doesn’t worry it. That’s really the key thing with caravans is just that the durability through not being worried by water or not being affected by water, everything is done on CAD 3D models. It’s a fairly new program, and all the files from the modelling program actually is converted to 2D drawings straight to robots for the laser cutting folding. It takes out some of that human error and quality. It gives us a high level of quality and efficiency for cost and just gives you a better end product.”

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