Wakeboarding on Somerset Dam

Somerset Dam is just over and an hour-and-a-half inland from the Sunshine Coast and provides the perfect day (or even weekend) destination.

It was built for water supply as well as flood control back in 1959. Today it acts as one of Brisbane’s most important water catchments, as well as a great boating and recreation spot.

You don’t need a permit to head out here with your boat, but if you’re around the northern end of the lake, there is a six-knot speed limit in place.

One of the beauties of Lake Somerset is its sheltered location. If there’s wind, the waters are still pretty calm, so it’s perfect for on-water activities–both motorised and non-motorised.

The fishing’s not bad, either. Somerset is stocked with Australian bass, golden perch, silver perch and saratoga. You will need a fishing permit to fish on Somerset, which can be obtained via the fisheries website.

If you are keen to stay a while, there are accommodation and camping sites via NRMA Parks and Resorts, plus plenty of picnic and barbecue spots. The kids will be kept happy, too, as there’s a great playground and mini golf course.

With boating and camping gear getting more and more advanced–and in turn, expensive–theft is on the rise. So there’s no better time to look into securing all your gear.

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