Weight Management Tips

Weight management is often one of the overlooked aspects of caravanning.

An incorrectly weighted or overweight caravan can have catastrophic effects when towing down the highway.

Dave Lewis runs WEIGHTCHECK – a mobile caravan weighing service. He and his team operate all up and down the Queensland coast and inland as far as Toowoomba.  He says people don’t think that little things like clothes, pots and pans add all that much weight, but they’re wrong.

“Everything weighs something you know…for instance, a weber BBQ what does it weigh? About 18kgs. So as we put that into the van that’s part of that payload.”

“It’s all about road safety, obviously if that car and caravan exceed their weights then we don’t know how they are going to behave in an emergency situation. The most important thing in my book is that you’re within those weights for the safety of those in the car”

The Caravanning Queensland website is the place for you to discover more important tips when it comes to weight and more. Plus you can find details of WEIGHTCHECK as well as a raft of other experts by heading online.

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