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What to see and do in Moura

If you take the country route from Brisbane to Rockhampton, there are a handful of quickly towns that are worth a visit. Places like Taroom and Banana have fantastic facilities for caravanners passing through, or if you’re just in need of a place to stretch the legs and made grab a quick coffee.

Another such town is Moura. With a strong mining heritage to its name, there are a couple of interesting monuments to the town’s history in the local park.

Can we recommend a stop to say G’Day to Angela and the team at Country Atmosphere Café. Superb coffee and lovely treats to fill the tank, plus Angela is a wealth of Moura knowledge. She has seen many travellers stop by of late.

“…every day, as well. Streaming through it. And they’re all really lovely, and they all want to support the local town. And they’ll ask, “Where’s your newsagent, where’s your chemist?” That sort of thing. “Where can we have dinner at night time?”

So make sure to put little old Moura on your list, next time you’re in the region.

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