What you need know about adding a canopy to your ute

Want to pimp out your dual cab? How about investing in a canopy? They have come a long way since the days of steel frames and canvas sheets. Nowadays, canopies have inbuilt lights, soft-close windows, central locking, even climate control!

Adding a canopy to your truck has the added effect of maximizing the space you have available in the tray. Hard-locking tops are good from a security perspective, but you lose all the space that a canopy gains.

They come in a variety of materials, sizes and configurations, so picking the design to suit your lifestyle is very important.

The guys at ARB make an awesome, all-purpose canopy that is ideal for a 4×4, kitted out for touring, or indeed for a tradie who’s looking for a safe spot for tools.

The ARB Ascent canopies mount to the back of your dual cab with a unique bracket system, as well as a design that incorporates the sides of the canopy into the body lines of the car, minimizing the dust issue.

They will install it for you, too, and in some cases, will be covered by your warranty. This is worth checking with your car retailer and ARB at the time of purchase.

If you have any more questions, get in touch with us. That’s what Mick Hamilton from the Gold Coast did, and he is the reason for this story.

So Mick, here are a couple of answers to those questions you asked:

Mick: “We are actually looking for a canopy for our Hilux tray back that can be used for work and camping?”

ARB makes a good Hilux canopy. Why not incorporate a couple of drawers, as well? Ideal for a spot for the tools or storage for camping gear.

Mick: “We would be really interested in Roger’s opinion on the different makes (e.g. fiberglass and checker plate)?”

Checker plate can be heavy and often expensive. Fiberglass has been the go-to for many years, however the new Ascent range from ARB are manufactured from UV-stable ABS thermoplastic. They are essentially industrial-grade, durable plastic and also cut back on the wait.

Mick: “How are they fitted and how water-tight are they?”

You’ll hear different manufacturers claim their canopies are water/weatherproof. The fact is, no amount of plastic or sealing will prevent dust sneaking in if you’re touring through the Simpson. ARB’s use seals that are thermoplastic, with a specific adhesive that prevents as much of the pesky red dirt from coming in as possible. Long story short, I’d be confident leaving my gear in the back of one in a dust storm or thunderstorm.