Your Best Camping Advice

We recently conducted a competition on our Facebook page asking viewers to share their best piece of caravanning and camping advice. We had a whopping 124 comments from people far and wide all with their own ideas. There could be only one winner, but with so many fantastic ideas, we couldn’t not share them.

Our winner, Wade from the Gold Coast offered a useful piece of advice. “Cut a pool noodle to fit and cover over your pegs so you save your toes when you kick them at night.” We love this tip, it’s so easy to execute and will definitely save a sore toe or two.

David might be speaking from personal experience when he wrote “Don’t pitch your tent around river rocks. If it happens to rain, a river might just form in your bedroom.”

Another water-themed tip we thought might also be from personal experience was from Shane. He said, “make sure you peg your swag down so when you’ve had a few too many ‘shandy’s your mates can’t spin ya round and drag ya off down the beach while your all tucked up snoring in the swag.” You’ve got a great set of mates there Shane!

Christine from Redcliffe shared a comical piece of advice for anyone wanting to dry their undies… “don’t hang your underpants to dry on the same log that’s fuelling the fire…” we don’t want to know!

David reminded us to make sure to check your sleeping bag before you hop in. He said, “keep an eye on your tent when gathering at the campfire, you never know when someone will slip a cicada in your sleeping bag when you aren’t looking…” How’s that for bedbugs hey Dave!?

If you have your own piece of camping advice you would like to share with us, send us a message on our Facebook page.

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