Casting in the creeks of the Burdekin

Scotty is blindfolded, spun around nine times and then taken to a very special fresh water fishing spot in Townsville.

On today’s show, he’s chasing Sooty Gunter up the Burdekin, a mammoth river system around an hour south of Townsville.

BCF burdekin sootys8

He’s fishing with local fishing-guide John Campbell, John’s mate Cliff Man and Cliff’s mad-keen young fella, Tate. Guess who caught the first fish of the day.

Burdekin Fishing for Sooty

John has one of the best jobs in the world – as a full time fishing guide. He spends most of his time chasing barra and mackerel in the salt but also offers land-based trips as a freshwater alternative and lots of good fun.



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