Garmin Marlin Offshore

For many anglers, hooking onto a marlin is at the top of their bucket list but for Wayne Thomsen and his family, it’s just your average weekend fishing trip.
The young family have grown quite a collection of trophies over the years. They’ve equipped their boat with the latest electronic gear to increase their chances of hooking onto a marlin.
Garmin’s CHIRP Sonar is a sophisticated sonar technology available for use by the fishing and boating public. Instead of sending one single frequency, CHIRP sends a continuous sweep of frequencies ranging from low to high, this provides CHIRP with a wider range of information, creating a clearer, higher resolution image of what’s going on underneath the boat. Wayne combines this with Garmin’s GPS and Auto Pilot functions to create a higher possibility of finding fish.
As Wayne says, ‘we spend a lot of money to go out fishing and it’s a lot of money for fuel so giving yourself the best chance to catch fish is obviously a better scenario.’