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5 Must Have Camping Essentials

With summer just around the corner, the camping season is fast approaching. Now, a lot of people think it’s obvious what camping gear is required for that weekend getaway but are you packing the essentials?

Here are 5 camping essentials/tips to help you prepare for your next outdoor adventure.

1. A good quality, waterproof tent


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Who said you need to be a millionaire to have a good life? 😎➕⛺️➡️😍 📷 by: @namjend

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This is one thing you do not want to get wrong! Although that $15 pop up tent may have seemed appealing/a bargain at the time, spending an extra few dollars on one that is waterproof is worth it.

There is nothing worse than a soggy mattress…

2. Lighting

Believe it or not, this is one item that is commonly forgotten. It can get pretty dark, pretty quick when you’re camping in the wilderness and a campfire isn’t always a reliable source or even allowed!

There’s a large range of lights, torches and headlamps available, so packing a few is always a good idea. Maybe even try some fairy lights – but don’t forget the batteries!

3. First Aid Kit

Make sure this one is packed in the car, ready to go! A full, up-to-date first aid kit is important to take camping, especially in the warmer months with snakes around. It’s always better to be safe than sorry, particularly when travelling with little ones.

4. Comfortable Bedding


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Buy the best you can afford. A good night’s sleep is one thing that can make or break your camping trip. Whether it’s an inflatable mattress or a sleeping bag you’re after, do your research! You want to be comfortable, especially in winter, as we underestimate how cold it can get.Head down to your local camping store and speak to a professional, they will help you choose wisely.

5. Positive Attitude 

This is something that isn’t available for purchase but something you definitely want to bring along! Even if the weather turns, you’ll be grateful for a happy disposition and, of course, a waterproof tent!

Written by Adelaide Fenech 

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