A caravanning club, with a difference – Southern Cross Caravan Club

Now, more so than ever, Australians are being encouraged to visit rural communities and back their businesses. You may have even noticed the hashtags #GoWithEmptyEskies or #SpendWithThem on social media. These community-driven campaigns are encouraging others to take a trip out to the places that need it most.

While it seems like a fairly new idea, the Southern Cross Caravan Club have been putting this concept into practice since the early 2000s. Once a month, they get together somewhere within a 300-kilometre radius of Brisbane. While they do pack the bare necessities, they make a point of supporting the local butchers, bakers and candlestick makers (okay, maybe not quite but you get the point).

As well as supporting local businesses, the club celebrates friendship, exploring our beautiful backyard and of course, happy hour!

Joining a caravan club is a great way to travel and make friends along the way. The Caravan Clubs of Queensland have a great list of clubs around the area.

Whether it’s fire, drought or just being isolated, these communities need our support and the best part is, it’s easy to do! Where will you travel next?

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