Action and adventure just an hour out of Brisbane

With 12,000 acres of terrain, over 100km of trails and a whole heap of downhill fun to be had, Hidden Vale Adventure Park is the perfect place to run, explore, hike! Or, if you’re so inclined, throw yourself downhill on a mountain bike. 

“I guess the main attraction is being out in the open, fresh air and with your mates” Hayden Books, the park manager tells us. He’s spent the last 11 years perfecting the trails that cater to all levels of rider.

“Most of the network is a blue but then you do have the black features, if you do want to get a little more extreme, you can veer off to the edges and you can find the gap jumps and the bigger features.”  

From tall grass, eucalypt forest to subtropical rainforest, there’s a diverse amount of terrain on offer… We’ve got a trail network in the bottom of the gorge here and it’s got massive boulders and it’s kinda rainforresty and it’s like another part of the world down there.” 

Park passes start at $10 for a day riding and for another $10, you can grab and go a delicious lunch at Homage, the onsite restaurant at Spicers Hidden Vale.  

HOT TIP: try the e-bike, they’ve got plenty of go and well worth the investment for a day’s riding. 

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