Airlie Beach, Whitsunday Coast…ya gotta do it!

We reckon of all the places Creek to Coast has visited, Airlie Beach has to be on the podium. The location – pretty as a picture. The people – relaxed and welcoming…and the fishing, well, let’s call it diverse and OFF TAP!

Airlie Beach sits pretty well smack bang between Mackay and Townsville on Queensland’s Eastern Coast. Its proximity to the Great Barrier Reef means the sheer number of species that are no longer than a 2hr boat trip away are endless. From Nannygai, Jobfish and Red Emperor in the deeper stuff, to Trout, Wrasse, Emperor and GTs on the gorgeous Reef Flats, just take your pick! And then if you’re not an offshore enthusiast, you’ve got to check out Lake Proserpine. Don’t tell anyone, but we think it’s one of the country’s best kept Barra secret spots going around.

Scotty and the crew was recently up in the region to catch up with two legends who nowadays, call the region home. Jonny Brooks and Matt Scholz are two of the state’s better-known anglers online. The boys gained a bit more notoriety when they won last year’s BCF Topwater Film Invitational, run by our mates at SCF. We won’t give too much away, but their winning video involved a topwater GT strike, and a paddleboard.

The boys have had plenty of fun out on the reef flats with a variety of gear. Both fellas love all the Nomad topwater gear. From the Dart Wing to the Mad Scad, they reckon they all work.

If you’re keen on your own Airlie adventure, here’s how you do things. Book your flight, book a room at the Airlie Beach Hotel (trust us on this one) then get to town and stock up at your local BCF. That Nomad gear is the go, and maybe grab a few white plastics to throw around the shallows as well. We can recommend the ZMan range – anything from 3-6inch.

Good luck!

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