All your weather questions answered by 7NEWS meteorologist, Tony Auden

Weather plays a pretty big role for us Queenslanders. It dictates whether we’ll have an excellent day at the beach, whether we need to get the washing off the line in a hurry and, of course, if we need to cancel those Easter camping plans at minutes notice… luckily we have 7NEWS meteorologist, Tony Auden, to keep us up to date and deliver potentially life-saving information.

From the moment he wakes up, Tony is looking at the charts and preparing how his forecast will look throughout the day… right up until he goes live with the 4pm and 6pm news bulletin.

And as we know with weather, things can also change very quickly, and we can get really nasty storms right across the state, which can see large swell, damaging hail and strong winds… and this can obviously hamper how you’ll go about your everyday activities and if you need to act quick.

Say for example, if you’re taking the boat out, a great place to start is with the bureau’s coastal waters forecast. What you need to look for is if there is a strong wind warning, what the wind strength is and also its direction. Of course, that’s completely different if you’re in a tinnie – you might want light winds, but if you’re in a sailing yacht you might want a good 20 knots to get into the sail –you just need to know what your thresholds are.

If you are planning a longer-term trip, you can get information accurate out to about nine days… and as it gets closer, that’s when you can really start to have some confidence about whether you’re going to have a good trip if you’ll need to deal with strong winds, some rain or even some storms.

Of course, the best way to get up-to-date information is via BOM, Tony’s Instagram and on 7NEWS Queensland.

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