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BCF Lucinda Micro Jigging

Micro jigging is becoming increasingly popular amongst anglers because of its versatility.

Jigs come in all shapes, sizes, colours and weights, but in a nutshell, it’s a flashy piece of metal, with swinging single hooks attached, that can be worked through all levels of the water column.

The act of jigging can be a little bit tricky. You need to be able to work the jig back to the boat, while using the jigging motion at the same time. A tip would be to get yourself into a rhythm and stick to it. Also, don’t be afraid of changing the speed and method of jigging.

If a quick retrieval isn’t working, try slowly hopping it up, then letting it settle back down. Sometimes fish will hit it as the jig drops back in front of them.

Scotty, along with Lucinda local, Jeff Wilton, headed off the Palm island, fishing in roughly 30 metres of water. Another tip is to match the jig’s weight to the depth

you’re fishing, and run in the tide. Deeper waters with harder running tides require a heavier jig, because they need to be able to drop through the water column without too much hassle.

BCF should be your first point of call to suss out which Micro Jig works for you. The boys had luck with Kato and TT branded jigs, but there are many more on offer.

On this trip, we chose to stay at the Oaks Metropole. It sits at the end of Palmer street, just on the edge of the harbor. They have awesome self-contained rooms, with a view all the way out to Magnetic Island.

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