BCF Sally Solo Fishing

Solo game fishing is becoming more and more popular. There is technology available to keep you both on course and safe, so why wouldn’t you!

One of the key aspects to your personal safety as a fisherman, is to always have a personal EPIRB on hand, incase things do go south. A model with GPS location is preferable. It is also recommended that you wear a life jacket, and when you do hook on to the big one, strap yourself into the boat.

A tip is to also lengthen the cord on the kill switch of your motor. That way you can attach it to yourself as well, meaning if you do go overboard, the motor will stop.

When you’ve got the safety sorted, go out and give it a crack! Sally heads out with her brother, a long time solo game fisherman, for a day on Moreton Bay.

Fishing Moreton Bay can mean targeting any number of reef or pelagic species that patrol the shipping channels or even wrecks that are scattered through the waters. At this time of year, schools of tuna and mackerel are actively chasing bait around, so keep an eye out for flocks of birds diving into the water. This is normally a good indication that the bigger fish are pushing bait to the surface. So get in close and have a cast!

BCF have a range of safety gear to keep you secure when solo fishing. Also ask the guys instore about chasing pelagics on Moreton Bay. You can use anything from jigs to bait to target them, so have a chat to see what works best for you.

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