Be Courteous and Share the Waterways

Are you a mad angler, yachtie, wake-boarder, water skier or just someone who loves to cruise around with the family on weekends? Whatever floats your boat, there’s something we all have in common – sharing our beautiful waterways.

And sharing starts even before you hit the water. Boat ramps can be hectic at times – so remember to be prepared before you get to the ramp and… be patient.

The ocean is a mighty big place – but, sooner or later, you’re going to have some close encounters with other craft. Be courteous and obey the rules. Keep your speed under 6 knots within 30 metres of boats, anchored, moored to the shore or aground. And if you’re on a personal water craft, that jumps to a minimum distance of 60 metres. The Golden Rule applies as much on the water as it does on land – treat others the way you’d like to be treated.

For further enlightenment about these tips and many more, grab a copy of the Queensland Recreational Boating & Fishing Guide; visit the Maritime Safety Queensland website; or talk to your local Boating Industry Association member.

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