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Water has been proven to have a calming effect so when it comes to a bit of family time, it’s no wonder so many are turning to boating.

There are so many benefits to the boating lifestyle. It’s a great way for families and loved ones to bond, without the distraction of technology.

Here in Queensland, we’re lucky enough to have a variety of spots to choose from when it comes to getting out on the water, whether it be offshore, a creek, beach or estuary.

Tallebudgera Creek is a popular spot for families and for good reason. It’s the ideal nature playground, great for on-water activities and known for its serenity.

It’s also a great backdrop for instilling some very important water skills into the little ones, yet another benefit to boating.

When it comes to a vessel, Quintrex has you covered and Mercury can power it.

Quintrex 590 Cruiseabout running on Mercury 150 Pro XS

“The Quintrex Cruiseabout is a great family boat,” said Nathan Shaw of Quintrex. “It’s something that you can take out for a day’s cruising.”

“It’s roomy enough as a bowrider design to take your friends and your family and just really have a good day with your loved ones.

With all of our Quintrex models, they come with the blade hull and it’s a super dry and soft ride and it’s a technology that’s unique to Quintrex.”

“Reliability is one of the key features of Mercury,” said Mike Wilesmith, Mercury’s Regional Manager. “You’ve got the R and D, the way they’re put together, the quality of the alloys that we put in there, we’ve got our own foundry that we have and we produce that ourselves and we give the highest warranty of three years across all our board of manufacturers so we’re really proud of that.”

Quintrex 430 Fishabout running on Mercury 60HP ELPT.

“The 430 Fisher Boat, it’s a great entry-level boat.” Nathan said. “It’s so easy to manage. It’s quite small. Easy to tow. It’s a great fishing boat because it’s stable, it’s a soft ride, and it’s very dry riding as well so it makes your day on the water really comfortable.”

“The boating lifestyle can suit a huge range of budgets and activities whether it be something like a stand up paddle board, or the other end of the scale with a big off shore fishing boat so it’s very affordable and very easy to get into.”

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